Resolutions are A-Okay

Many people “poo-poo” resolutions, because statistically, they’re broken within a few short weeks of New Year’s Day. That’s fine. Resolutions or goals are not everybody’s jam, and I respect that.

However, I like to set goals at the beginning of the year. This year is no different.

Goals must be incredibly specific and measurable. Vague goals mean nothing and, more often than not, they’re not even goals – they’re results. Happiness, for example, isn’t a goal. It’s a result. Find the specific activities that make you happy – make those your goals. For example, if live music makes you happy, your goal might be, “Attend 20 indie concerts throughout the year.” Alternatively, if cake decorating makes you happy, your goal might be, “Bake and completely decorate a three-layer cake with fondant and icing roses.”

Got it? Okay, good.

Having given birth a few months ago, I am dealing with the physical aftermath. My strength and endurance are lacking, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve always been reasonably active, and I dream of returning to peak physical fitness. I also have a killer pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans that I’m dying to wear.

This year marks a year, where my focus lies with physical well-being. Therefore, this year, I will:

  • Complete a cardiovascular or strength training activity 156 times (thrice weekly x 52 weeks)

Now, the cardiovascular activity can vary – a brisk walk with the dog, a kickboxing class, whatever. The goal is to jack my heart rate and sweat, not follow a predetermined regime. I’ve tried to follow programs, and they stress me out. They don’t allow for flexibility. Six weeks of the same routine? Barf.

Exercise is awesome, but without some tweaks to my diet, those jeans will never fit. With respect to my diet, I will:

  • Forego McDonald’s, etc. for 350 days.
  • Limit frozen yogurt and other desserts to once every two weeks.

Why didn’t I proclaim complete avoidance of fast food? Somedays, fast food is inevitable. Other days, I want nothing more than a Big Mac. I’m not a robot, and complete avoidance is unrealistic for my lifestyle and palate.

To hold myself accountable, I also belong to a group that focuses on setting and crushing goals. Goals can be business-related, financial, spiritual, and so on. Its members stumble, but with each stubbed toe comes tremendous support and encouragement to forge ahead. Learn about Achievement Club at

Do you have any goals and aspirations for 2017?


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