Oktoberfest, Part Two

I thought we were going to do some touring of Munich on our second day in this marvellous city, but we ended up back at Oktoberfest. Upon our hostess’ recommendation, we were more confident about sneaking into a big tent, because it was the last day. The locals were less likely to partake in the festivities, because they had to work the following morning. Tourists were likely to be traveling home on the last day, nursing hangovers like ours.

We weren’t rushed, being on holidays, so on our way to the grounds, we stopped to admire local street art.

IMGP7504 IMGP7479

Aesthetically pleasing graffiti is common here, as is breathtaking scenery and greenery.


Upon arrival to the grounds, we immediately noticed that the crowds were half the size. We found ourselves in the Löwenbräu tent, a bit confused about the seating arrangements. We bumped about, looking for two spots, and asked a server about seating. She told us to wait a few minutes, and when she returned, she whisked us to a table in the reserved section. We ordered our first round and were impressed at our waitress’ ability to carry several glasses in each hand. We’re talking several litres of beer, so it’s not an easy feat.


It wasn’t long before we were joined by a Bavarian couple, and with a bit of help from Google Translate, we were able to communicate with each other. He and his wife live outside of Munich, and they were acquainted with the owners of the Löwenbräu tent. He had just retired, having managed/owned a small IT company. Wouldn’t you know that he shared my fiancé’s name and passion for hunting?! I thought I was his soulmate, but I fear this older gentleman stole his heart.


We got hungry, so we ordered a shared platter, which included roast duck, pork loin, pork belly, sausage, dumplings, potatoes, and cabbage. The dish, meant to be shared between two people, could have fed a small army.


After another round, it was time to part ways. Still not in a rush, we weren’t too concerned about taking a wrong turn and finding ourselves miserably lost in a residential area. We helped one lady carry her stroller into the lobby of her apartment and asked a very friendly couple of directions – he used his mobile device, without hesitation, to provide directions to our final destination.

This city may have stolen a piece of my heart. The people are warm and inviting, and the city is nothing short of beautiful. I cannot wait to return.