Oh. Hai. I’m Still Here.

In true fashion, it’s been a long time since I last updated you on…me. For the bazillionth time, I apologize. I’m sure you’ve been waiting, in great anticipation, for some kind of blog post, and I continue to disappoint.

But, I have good reason. Very good reason.


A week after my fiance and I returned from Europe, we discovered that we’re expecting! Like, we’re expecting a human baby. As in, I’ve become a human incubator. Yes, I’m pregnant.

When we found out, the fetus was only six weeks old, and I grew suspicious after suffering a strange bout of nausea and an even stranger aversion to a chicken chickpea curry soup I made for dinner. I actually had to leave the house,  because the smell was making my stomach practice its acrobatics.

Since then, I’ve been battling all of the exhaustion and body weirdness associated with the first trimester – everything from eating dinner in reverse, gagging at the smell of raw poultry, craving Pillsbury Pizza Pops, and It’s a new experience for me, obviously, so in navigating all of the physical changes and the associated emotional roller-coaster, blogging got shoved to the bottom of my priority list.

This is the first week that I’m not feeling like total poop, so I thought I’d spill the beans. I’m still finding myself tired early in the evening, and I’m usually ready for bed by 10:00 PM (for a night owl, this is an adjustment). I have had the energy to exercise, which is also a nice change. There are still bouts of nausea, especially when I start to get hungry, but food is becoming more enjoyable. Thank goodness, because our company Christmas dinner is on Friday, and we’re going to my FAVOURITE chophouse in Calgary. Mmm, steak.

In navigating the wacky world of human reproduction, I keep reading that I can’t eat this, and I can’t eat that, and I can’t drink this, and I can’t take painkillers, and basically, my life has to suck balls for the next few months. So, at the advice of a good friend in British Columbia, I purchased The Panic Free Pregnancy by Michael Broder, an OB-GYN in the United States. And, guess what? I can drink a small amount of coffee. I can eat sushi and smoked salmon.When a chinook migraine strikes, I don’t have to fear Tylenol for pain relief. Since I was a gym rat before I got pregnant, I can continue to be a gym rat, as long as I understand that I’ll get tired sooner. I mean, Dr. Broder doesn’t recommend binge drinking and cocaine, but I think that’s a given. This book has eased my worries about pregnancy. Now, I can focus on worrying about actually caring for a baby – no big deal, right?!

I’ve also been doing a bit of soul searching, wondering what kind of blog I want to create and what I want to discuss on this platform. Naturally, I love agriculture and science in food production, but I also love politics. Sometimes, these two go hand-in-hand (think Alberta’s Bill 6), and other times, they don’t. And, how do I fit food into either of these topics? Tough call, which is why I’m going to take a breather and refocus.

So, from my blossoming family to yours, may your holidays be bright and filled with laughter, love, and delicious treats. <insert preferred holiday greeting here>

See you in 2016.