Kinjo Sushi & Grill

lasvegasroll kisskissdragonroll

My boyfriend’s stepfather is a picky eater – not in a bad way, of course. He’s just very particular about his food choices, which counters my predisposition for being a bottomless pit. He loves barbecued chicken, beef tenderloin, and a solid rack of pork ribs. When it comes to eating out, he values simplicity and consistency. For example, he would choose The Keg over a trendy, new steakhouse. The man knows a good steak, and he knows he’s going to get quality and consistency at a successful group of restaurants. Experimenting isn’t everyone’s flavour, and I respect that.


So, colour me surprised that he loves sushi, and he loves Kinjo Sushi & Grill. We took him for sushi a couple of years ago, on a whim, and he was extremely satisfied. We’ve gone back a few times, and last week, when he and my boyfriend’s mother were running errands in the city, they invited us for dinner.


The restaurant was packed, naturally. It’s a popular joint. The servers do not take your order in a traditional manner. Every table is given a menu with photographs of each dish and a piece of paper, where you mark which dishes, and the desired quantity of each dish, then hand it to your server. Because each serving is small, a large table can order many different dishes, and this method of ordering saves times and ensures accuracy (bonus points in our books). There are an infinite number of choices, including traditional sushi, traditional maki, and our favourites – specialty maki. More specifically, we always order the Benihana Roll, the Kiss Kiss Dragon Roll, and the Las Vegas Roll.


The Benihana Roll includes red tuna, jalapeno peppers, soy paper, volcano (spicy) sauce, unagi sauce, and tobiko. It’s served hot and packs a punch. The tuna melts in your mouth, and eight pieces disappear faster than imaginable.


The Kiss Kiss Dragon Roll is HUGE. It could feed two adults, with average appetites. But, we’re Slavic, and we have the appetites of large, healthy horses, so this makes up a mere component of our sushi feasts. It’s two rolls arranged into a heart – so romantic. The male roll includes tempura shrimp, mayonnaise, tobiko, salmon, unagi (eel), and unagi sauce. The female roll includes tempura shrimp, mayonnaise, tobiko, smoked salmon, sliced avocado, and volcano sauce. Love is delicious.


The Las Vegas Roll has fruit and cream cheese, and it’s impossible to stuff one piece in your mouth – each piece is just that big. Those roll includes unagi sauce, jalapeno peppers, strawberries, yellow daikon, wonton skin, cream cheese, spicy tuna, crab meat, and avocado.


In addition, we picked a few traditional dishes – salmon sushi, scallop sushi, a spicy salmon cone, and of course, we ordered prawn and vegetable tempura.


For the cherry on top of our Japanese feasting, every lady at every table receives a complimentary box of Pocky. Usually, there are two flavour choices – chocolate and strawberry. This time, I opted for the third flavour – green tea. These treats end up being dessert on the drive home. And, yes, I always share with my other half. Sharing is caring, right?


I can’t praise this sushi restaurant more. It’s close to home, being located in Dalhousie Station, and the service is impeccable. When either of us are craving sushi, this is our first choice. It’s…maki-licious.


Kinjo Sushi & Grill is located at 415-5005 Dalhousie Drive NW, 7101 Macleod Trail SW, and 4000-150 Millrise Blvd. SE. You can also find them at