Fifteen Minutes of Fame

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I were out with friends at the Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub. It happens to be one of our favourite pubs, and it’s one that never disappoints. While we were there, the owner of the pub approached us and, after some time conversing, he invited the table to the filming of “You Gotta Eat Here,” a television show on The Food Network that profiles comfort food establishments across North America, with a focus on Canadian pubs and restaurants.

The filming was scheduled for February 2, which was last week. We went, without any expectations. Neither of us had ever been on television or worked in the film industry, so we hadn’t a clue about television production.

We were greeted with coffee and were quickly seated at random tables within the filming area. Originally, neither of us were slated for an interview, and we expected to enjoy the filming session in the background, accompanied by food and drinks. Before we had the chance to order, I was approached and asked for an interview.

Lucky for me, the food chosen was my favourite item on the menu – The Canuck. It’s a cheeseburger with the usual lettuce, tomato, and onion, back bacon, and a beautiful fried egg. The egg is my favourite part – it’s always cooked to perfection, with a runny yolk that breaks and runs down your hands. It’s deliciously sloppy and horribly unladylike. I love every bite.

Going into the interview, I was shaking. Remember, I had never been on TV. The host of the show, John Catucci, is incredibly down-to-earth and made me feel at ease very quickly. The interview was short, and it was a challenge to ignore the camera. I was asked about the pub, what I liked about it, what I thought about the food, and of course, I spoke highly about everything. The best question was, “What’s your strategy here?” I responded with, “Pick it up and shove it into my face.” Well, I was being honest.


Me Interviewed You Gotta Eat Here


My fiancé was later asked for an interview, and he was asked about The Hammer – a kielbasa wrapped with bacon and stuffed with truffled cheddar. Like everything else I’ve tried here, it’s delicious.


Ian Interview You Gotta Eat Here


We also met some lovely people at our table and enjoyed great conversation for the duration of the filming. Before we left, we stole a couple of minutes of Mr. Catucci’s time and snapped a picture.


John, Ian, and I


I can’t thank Stephen Lowden and everyone at the Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub, and the cast and crew of “You Gotta Eat Here”, enough for the incredible experience. I was a huge fan prior to this extravaganza, and I’m an even bigger fan today.


The Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub is located on 1312-12 Avenue SW and 503-4 Avenue SW, in Calgary, Alberta. They can be found at, and they’re on Twitter at @PigandDuke.

You Gotta Eat Here airs on Friday nights, at 7:00 PM MST, on the Food Network. More information can be found at, and they’re also on Twitter at @YouGottaEatHere.