Beer and Bratwurst

It has been a while, to say the least. My last month has been hectic and stressful, leaving little time to share my thoughts with you. And, by thoughts, I mean the things that go into my belly.

A couple of days ago, we left to Europe. We flew from Calgary to London to Prague, and landed only to realise that the airline had lost my bags (my luggage and I have been reunited). Poor, overtired me was not impressed, and I started bawling, because being rational makes no sense on zero hours of sleep.

No matter, because everything can be solved with friends and alcohol, right? We ventured into the city and hooked up with my fiancé’s sister, who moved to Prague a couple of years ago. It took all of three minutes to get a pint of Staropramen beer into my hands, followed by some kind of fancy drink made with Prosecco. Dinner was the honey roasted peanuts we brought on the plane and a few pastries from Tesco, because why eat a sensible meal?

The next morning, we traveled to Munich. We rented a car, and once in Germany, our average speed of 140 km/h was too slow for most. The Germans love to drive fast, and I don’t blame them. Their cars are fantastic (emissions problems, aside) and their roads are impeccably maintained. What amazed me more was the quality of food at a truck stop we ventured into. In Canada, gas station desserts are prepackaged pastries that taste more like sugar cubes and plastic, and in Germany, there are platters of cakes and pies.


Once in Munich, we did what any tourist might do – we went to Oktoberfest. We knew to expect many people, but we were floored at the number of revellers in lederhosen and dirndls. It was amazing. We arrived far too late to sneak into a big tent, but we found one biergarten near the exit and settled there. We met some Germans, a couple of “bros” from Switzerland, and a couple of people from New York and Boston.


And, of course, we ate some bratwurst.


We will be doing some touring through Munich today before moving on to Salzburg. So far, what started as an incredibly stressful journey has turned into an extravaganza of delicious beer.

Until then, “Prost!”