About Aggie

I’m Aggie. Actually, it’s Agatha, but at some point, all of my friends started to call me Aggie, and it stuck.

I’m a first-generation Canadian – my family is Polish. After spending the majority of my life in Edmonton, I bounced around and settled in Calgary. I have a B.Sc. Agriculture from the University of Alberta, and I work in the agriculture industry, for a provincial marketing and regulatory board.

I love agriculture, and the disconnect between consumers and farmers troubles me. As an urban dweller, I am no stranger to misconceptions and myths being touted as fact. From, “Those chickens are huge – bet they used a lot of hormones,” to, “Organic produce doesn’t use any pesticides,” I have addressed my friends’ and family’s concerns about modern agriculture. I’m not in the business of persuading people, because I believe in food choices, but I aim to shed light on my livelihood.

I also love food. In European homes, food plays a large role. Food is social – it’s the focal point of holiday celebrations and friendly gatherings. In an age of convenience foods, our family rarely missed a Sunday supper (with Polish talk radio playing in the background). Every gathering had an immense volume of food, and I have fond memories of baking with my father. I enjoy cooking and baking, trying new recipes and restaurants all over Calgary and beyond. A close friend and I even refer to ourselves as “nomsters,” monsters that love noms.

My partner and I share our home with a mixed breed dog and a deaf cat, and when I’m not shoving food into my mouth, I can be found snowboarding, squatting, and musing about politics and current events.

Whether you’re interested in agriculture, are a fellow nomster, or both, don’t forget to eat more eggs!